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Update Your Kitchen With Style and Color


The kitchen is a gathering place in the home, and after your cabinetry, the kitchen countertops get a lot of attention. Even though they are a prep space and need to be functional, they should be attractive and durable. You can achieve all of these needs with the right choice in color and style for your countertops.

Material Choices

There are five primary choices for countertops. Depending on the look of your home and combined with your budget, you can either work with artificial materials or natural materials.

Granite is one of the most popular countertop choices, as it is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. It is a natural material, just as is quartz or hardwood. A quartz countertop is very hard, non-porous and one of the most visually stunning options. Hardwood counters are beautiful but can require a bit more maintenance. They are, however, easier on dishes if something is dropped.

The cheapest option for kitchen countertops is usually formica or laminate. These are synthetic options that can be manufactured to resemble granite or quartz. They are easily damaged and take more care. Concrete is a popular manmade option as it provides heat resistance, but these too take a bit of upkeep.

Coloring Options

With the help of technology and advancements in manufacturing, you can generally get whatever color you desire for your kitchen countertops. When you choose natural materials, there is a variety of natural patterns and colors already present. This is what makes them so desirable. Granite has a variety of different patterns and grains, along with colors, present in a single slab. This same look can be achieved through the creativity of a manufacturer for manmade material countertops.

Check With an Expert

Browsing through the options to design your kitchen might be overwhelming. If you want help choosing the best look and fit for your space, turn to a kitchen and bath specialist. They will help you find what you need at a comfortable price point.

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