The 3 Most Common Remodeling Mistakes in the Kitchen

Remodels are always exciting, but they can quickly become stressful, no matter where they are in the house. Especially for those who are new to kitchen remodeling, there are noticeable trends of mistakes that homeowners make without realizing it, only to notice them too late. These three mistakes are among the most common when redesigning the kitchen space.

Forgetting to Choose Appliances Early

Appliance size can make or break a remodeling experience because many homeowners leave them as the last item on their checklist. If you have cabinetry and other restricting pieces installed before choosing your appliances, you limit yourself to specific size ranges. When you choose appliances early on in the process, your contractor can make sure that everything fits well into place without large gaps or anything being too close together.

Overlooking Small Details

Most homeowners fret over big decisions like the size and shape of cabinets, countertop materials, and flooring. Too often, these large decisions cause them to forget about smaller details like drawer handles and backsplash. Though these items are physically much smaller, they make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the kitchen and should be chosen with careful consideration.

Underestimating Storage Needs

Very few homeowners complain about having too much cabinetry or too large of a pantry. Unless you are a very serious minimalist, you will likely regret being too conservative with the storage space you put in your kitchen. Give yourself space in cabinets, closets, or the pantry for most of your kitchen appliances so you can keep your counters clean and bare. This will also create a more open feel to the room. With clear door cabinets, any extra space allows you to be more intentional with the organization of your dishes for a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Avoiding these three mistakes will make you much happier with the end result of your kitchen remodeling journey. With such a large investment of time, money, and take out meals, you want to be sure that you’ll love every inch of your new kitchen.