How To Decide on the Right Bathroom Tile Design

Your bathroom is often one of the most unappreciated rooms. Many bathrooms have little or no sense of style and can feel cramped. However, the right bathroom design can offer a calming room that feels bright, spacious and inviting. Learn how to choose the best bathroom tile designs to maximize the functionality and look of your bathroom.

Select a Material

First, you may be surprised by the number of tile materials available. Choose between natural stone, elegant porcelain or durable ceramic tiles for a wide range of options. Consider the look of your current bathroom and what your ideal bathroom would look like. If a rustic look would work well with the rest of your bathroom design, choose a natural stone pattern. However, if you’re looking for a clean, calm style, consider glass mosaics or ceramic tiles.

Choose a Color

While most homes are comfortable with plain white bathrooms, a touch of color on the floor, walls or shower wall can add a vibrant look and inviting feel to your bathroom. Consider an accent of blue for a calming tone or a touch of yellow to feel fresh in the morning.

Patterns, Solids and More

Many tiles come with vivid mosaic designs, while others can illuminate the room with a solid color. Regardless of the material and color options, consider whether you want a pattern or solid color for your bathroom tile. A shower wall with bright accents can look inviting, but a brightly colored floor could be distracting. Ask your local tile expert for examples of popular styles or classic looks that could work well in your home.

Hire a Professional

Finally, bathroom tile requires experienced tile experts for best use. While the tiles, mortar and tools may seem inexpensive, the skilled labor is well worth investing in professional expertise. Professional tile contractors can offer a fast, clean and unforgettable surface that is waterproof and built to last.