Why Hire a Professional Contractor for a Bathroom Remodel

Home renovations run the gamut between necessity and aesthetics. However, despite the reasoning, remodels should increase the overall value of the home. The two areas of the house that offer the soundest investment are the kitchen and the bathroom. Although, bathroom remodeling is often less expensive and might even be required more often than a full-scale kitchen remodel.

While it is tempting to remodel a bathroom on your own because the room size is typically small, and it appears non-threatening, it is crucial to understand the critical home components that are involved. To successfully perform a bathroom renovation, you need to possess at least a fundamental awareness of electrical work, plumbing, carpentry and tile work. Consequently, it is usually better to hire a professional to perform your remodel. However, beyond skill, there are at least three other reasons to hire a licensed contractor.

Skill and Insurance

Continuing on with skillset, construction companies and workers are licensed and certified in their trades. However, beyond having the knowledge and practice to complete your bathroom renovation in accordance to city and state regulations and codes, these professionals should also be insured, which protects your interests in case of injury or problem on the job site.


When considering bathroom remodeling, many homeowners have grand expectations about what they can achieve. However, while a spacious walk-in shower, claw foot bathtub, private toilet and dual vanity is appealing, not every bathroom is capable of accommodating such a setup. Professional contractors can help you design a room that is inspired by your vision but is more feasible and based in reality.


Last, contractors are typically budget-conscious. They want you to have the bathroom of your dreams, but they want to stick to the allowance you have. Also, your budget will usually include a contingency, which is not extra money. Contingencies are set aside for any unforeseen cost.

Bathroom remodeling is an involved process. While you might feel capable, consider the work and skill involved. It is likely better to hire a professional.