Choosing the Best Exterior Door for Your Home

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing house, the decision on which exterior designed doors to use can be critical. Doors offer home security, a first impression and protection from the elements. That is why selecting the style and materials to use in a building’s exterior doors is important to the construction’s entire finished style. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best doors for your home.


The door may be protected from harsh UV rays and torrential weather by an eave or porch awning. However, durability in the construction materials should still be an essential consideration in your selection. Changes in temperatures, constant battering when shutting the door, and variant weather patterns can weaken a poorly designed or constructed door structure. That is why selecting a material may be difficult when looking for durability. A wooden door is often heavy and strong, but they are difficult to maintain. Steel doors are also heavy, but they can be an expensive initial investment. PVC exterior doors are durable, even though they weigh much less.


Long-lasting doors provide insulation from outside weather, have strong frames and come with reliable surrounds. There are foam core doors, solid foundation constructs and polyurethane thermoplastic inners to select from, but a critical factor when choosing an exterior door is the method of construction. There are solid planks, stamped skins, and glued pieces, but choosing a reinforced structure with solid insulation is essential. If glass is in the door, the area should be filled with a double-pane or thicker glass to ensure proper insulation.


If you have questions about which type of exterior doors are the best protection for your home, contact your nearby supplier. Remember to ask about delivery services, pre-hung styles and required maintenance for the door models you are interested in. Your local specialist can help you find an exterior door exactly right for your area.