Designing an Island for Luxury Kitchens

For homeowners with luxurious tastes, designing the perfect kitchen is critical. If you want an elegant home with a luxury kitchen, you should consider installing a beautiful, functional kitchen island. Here are four island design trends every discerning homeowner should have.

  1. Comfortable Seating

When it comes to the kitchen, the island can easily become the social center of the room. Gone are the days when simple bar stools worked as effective seating options. In today’s opulent kitchen, homeowners demand exceptional seating. When you are considering kitchen island designs, you should think about adding comfortable chairs or stools. For a high-end look, don’t forget to choose chic fabrics and refined finishes. 

  1. Perfect Dimensions

You cannot overlook the importance of dimensions when it comes to designing the island in your kitchen. Because no two kitchens are the same, you must put in some considerable thought when determining the height, width, and depth of your island. Given its usefulness, however, you might err on the large side. 

  1. High-End Finishes

Like your other cabinetry and counters, the finishes on your kitchen island should be sophisticated and stylish. They should also be high-end. But, you have a tremendous design opportunity with your island. For the look of a luxury kitchen, consider contrasting the finishes on your island to those on your other cabinets. If you choose a complimentary color for your cabinetry and a different countertop, you will achieve a stunningly elegant look.

  1. Utility

Your island’s utility is arguably its best feature. To make it more useful, consider adding functional elements. Especially if you plan to entertain routinely, a sink, butcher block, cook top, or refrigeration unit will all make your island more usable. 

For a luxury kitchen, every homeowner should have a beautiful, functional island. If you are designing the perfect kitchen island, you should make sure you take full advantage of these design trends.