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Benefits of a Custom Kitchen Remodel


Does the look of your kitchen scream “worn and outdated” rather than “sleek and modern?” You certainly aren’t alone if this is the case. Many people either buy houses that aren’t necessarily equipped with the cooking space they wish for, or are living in homes with a kitchen in serious need of updating. If this…

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Things You Need to Know About Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling can be a lot of work, so it’s good to have a contractor on your side. Before hiring someone, here are some things to consider.   Make a Firm Budget Before starting your remodel, determine how much money you can spend and pledge to stick to this amount. That way, you’re less likely…

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Mastering Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Just because your average house guest might not see your master bathroom doesn’t mean you should neglect that remodeling job. By its very nature of being connected to the master bedroom, the master bath is an important part of your home. A professionally renovated bathroom remodeling job can liven up your living space and help…

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Types of Bathroom Sink Installations

If you are tackling a bathroom renovation, you want to get the most beautiful, functional space you can. Choosing a perfect bathroom sink is critical. What kind of bathroom sink installation will work for you?  Consider the five main types of bathroom sink installations.   Self-Rimming Sinks These sinks are easy to install, because they…

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The Examiner News Business of the Week

Cortlandt resident Daniel Del Monte opened a contracting business in 2006. The business began as a provider of handyman services and later did such larger jobs as kitchens, bathrooms and basements, as well as window and door installations. “We really found a niche with the kitchens and the bathrooms,” he said. “That urged us to…

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Del Monte Family – Cortlandt Living July 2016

Connecting residents and businesses in and around the Town of Cortlandt A Family Features Store A fun afternoon at George’s Island Park in Montrose with the Del Monte Family Meet Dan, Nancy, Sydnee, Sophia, and Cocoa Del Monte By Bruce Apar A Model Family that Remodels Homes Everybody knows the expression, “If you want something…

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